•  Establishing a robust and correctly sequenced master programme that is monitored and reported against
  • Hold regular look ahead and co-ordination meeting to create detail plans for the next 7 to 14 days
  • Use a tried and tested supply chain with the appropriate skills, knowledge and experience for the task in hand
  • Clear concise communication carefully selecting the appropriate format whether it be verbal, minitedmeetings, RFI or CVI.
  • Encourage open, honest communication from all parties
  • Management of change or unforeseen circumstance, Generation 3 will help identify the most suitable solutions considering any knock on implications, as well as time and cost impact. Once a change has occurred Generation 3 will issue a anticipated final account with a budget cost within 48 hours
  • Generation 3 always try to identify all project risks. Once the risks have been identified we can then manage these by discussing them with both the design team and our supply chain with a view to mitigate or reduce the potential impact should any risk materialise 


  • We view every project from the clients perspective and establish their key drivers to ensure a success for them
  • Be a flexible contractor managing change so all parties are well informed and able to make decisions
  • Understand that we are guests in a building  ensuring everyone in the delivery team has the same mind set​
  •  Be team players and look to unite all parties with the common goal we share in achieving a successful project​ for the client


  • A successful outcome for all parties
  • Integration of all team members objectives
  • All parties working towards the common goal in a co-ordinated manor, displaying trust and openness
  • On time delivery
  • Repeat business